Ector County Health Department: Updating Daily Deaths 'Too Demanding'


ODESSA, TX — The director of the Ector County Health Department raised eyebrows on Friday afternoon after stating that releasing basic demographical information about patients who die from COVID-19 it “too much work.”

According to CBS7, last week at least nine individuals passed away from coronavirus complications. Three of the patients who died were hospitalized at Medical Center Hospital. 

The hospital was able to provide local media details about the patients like their age, where they lived and when they died. But according to the Ector County Health Department, they are too busy to provide the same information for the other six patients.

According to director Brandy Garcia, it takes time to gather details on patients when they die at a nursing home or at their residence.

“Sending out a press release every single day on the deaths would be too demanding and would be too much work to send out a great deal of information out every day on those,” said Garcia.

As of Monday morning, no further information has been released on the Ector County Health Department website.


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