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Important tips on how to edit and revise your essay properly 


What is the most underrated and ignored part of write essay for me? Any thoughts? Yes, you guessed it right. It is revision. You must be thinking that revision and proofreading are similar terms however, in reality, they aren’t the same. Fixing spelling errors along with punctuation and grammatical errors is called proofreading. However, revision is a much broader term that incorporates errors in the content, referencing, and many more.

If you only proofread your essay and ignore the errors such a weak thesis statement, predictable ideas, reoccurring of the same ideas throughout the essay, then it will be considered as a Band-Aid on a wound caused by a bullet. Remember! Revision is imperative. It will help in polishing and refining your essay so that you can submit an essay that can help you attain good grades.

Don’t know how to revise your write my essay and make corrections? If yes, then don’t worry I am here to assist you. Below are a few tips that can follow to revise and edit your paper with much ease. So, without wasting your let’s skim through the steps below and kick start your process of revision.


Take some time off

I know you must be thinking why am I suggesting you take some time off. Well, to do the revision a proper mindset is required. Therefore, if you start the revision process soon after writing your essay then you are prone to skipping the important details and errors that can cost you your grades. Tip: Go for a run or even a walk and then after you are fully relaxed take a fresher look at your essay. 

Bonus Tip: If you are struggling to come up with essay ideas or not sure how to start an essay then taking some time will also help you come up with fresh ideas that can be used to craft an incredible essay. 


Decide your medium

Some people like to type their essays using computers while some are old school and prefer essay writing service. When it comes to revising it is imperative that you decide your medium before you start revising.

If you like to work on computers then you can alter the text size, change the color of the text, or change the format of your essay. This is a good way to trick your brain into thinking that the essay is new. On the contrary, if you want to revise your work on a printed copy then you can underline or highlight the text. 

Ask questions

You need to make a list of questions that usually come across your mind before you read an essay. Ask yourself, have you followed all the instructions given to you by the professor? Is your paper formatted correctly? Examine the flow of your essay and then make corrections.

Look for sources. Is your source authentic? Is it peer-reviewed? If you skim through your essay, then you will see whether the references used in the essay are matching the content and are relevant or not. 


Break the essay

It is not mandatory that you revise all your work in just one go. Instead, break the write my essay for me in a few paragraphs and then look for errors and make corrections accordingly. It is important that you check every important term whether the term you have defined is clear or sound ambiguous while reading.

If you feel a certain paragraph isn’t making any sense, then feel free to chop it because readers are smart and they can figure out the issues in the content and also they aren't interested in reading irrelevant content. However, make sure that after correcting your essay your body paragraphs are in a proper flow.


Don’t rely on online grammar checker tools

Many students after they type their essays run it through the online grammar checker tools and think that they have done revising their essays. Well, sorry to disappoint you but you can’t solely rely on grammar checker tools. These tools can spot a few errors but can fix sentence fragmentation issues, punctuations, pronouns errors, and many more. Therefore, you should read your paper yourself and then revise it.



This step is crucial but often ignored by the students. Once you are done revising your essay it is the time to look for spellings, punctuations, and other grammatical errors. you are required to read the sentence slowly and then pint out the errors.

Remember! You are a human being, not a robot and you can’t look for all the errors at once. Therefore, try looking for errors in a gradual manner and then fix them and then revise them.  Tip: One way to look for spelling errors is by reading the text backward. You can start with the last word that is written on the last page and then work your way back to the beginning. Reading each word separately can help you a lot in pointing out the spelling mistakes.


Take help

It is better to take a second opinion because no matter what you do if you have written an essay yourself then you tend to remember the nitty-gritty of it. So looking for errors can be hard. Therefore, it is recommended that you take help from someone else. Ask your peers to read your essay and let them point out the errors. After they are done you can then easily revise your essay.

Feeling helpless and not sure how to revise your write my paper? If yes, then I have another solution for you. All you have to do is look for an authentic essay writing company and let their professional writers help you revise your essay. Sounds amazing right. So what are you still waiting for? If I were you I would have contacted the writing company now and let my work be revised by the professionals.


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