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Russia has failed to gain control of the air and is largely relying on stand-off weapons launched from the relative safety of Russian airspace to strike targets within Ukraine', the ministry said on Twitter πŸ’Š πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ πŸ’Š πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ πŸ’Š πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Canadian pharmaceuticals online. Aerial footage released by the Russian military claimed to show the missile strike. Russian Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov also said that the Russian forces used the anti-ship missile system Bastion to strike Ukrainian military facilities near the Black Sea port of Odessa. Ukraine's military said Russian forces did not conduct offensive operations on Saturday, focusing instead on replenishing supplies and repairing equipment. Russia reportedly first used the weapon during its military campaign in Syria in 2016 to support the Assad regime, although it was unclear if this was the same model. After an agonising first night of uncertainty following the bombing, Ukrainian officials revealed on Thursday that they were hopeful that the majority within had survived. MPs last night accused some chemists of exploiting women in need of vital supplies, while doctors said firms could be making massive profits hiking up prices.

Kyiv and Moscow reported some progress in talks last week toward a political formula that would guarantee Ukraine's security, while keeping it outside NATO, though each sides accused the other of dragging things out. Last week brought the North's first acknowledgment of an "explosive" outbreak, with experts warning it could devastate a country with limited medical supplies and no vaccine programme. North Korean military medics ramped up the distribution of medicines to fight a growing coronavirus outbreak, state media said on Tuesday, with the number of reported cases of "fever" nearing 1.5 million. Mariupol, a key connection to the Black Sea, has been a target since the start of the war on February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched what he calls a 'special military operation' to demilitarise and 'denazify' Ukraine. The footage shows a Forpost-R destroying a battery of Ukrainian howitzers and military hardware. If the city does fall, it will be the largest captured so-far - albeit at the cost of near-totally destroying it. The largest of them is the Opposition Platform for Life, which has 44 out of 450 seats in the country's parliament.

OO Largest Bank In Norway Sells Its Assets In Dakota Access Pipeline which accounts for 10 % of its funding. The Ukrainian president, who makes frequent impassioned appeals to foreign audiences for help, told an anti-war protest in Bern on Saturday that Swiss banks were where the 'money of the people who unleashed this war' lay and their accounts should be frozen. Ukraine and the West say Putin launched an unprovoked war of aggression. He said Kalibr missiles launched from the Black Sea were used to destroy an armor repair plant in Nizhyn in the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine. Russia also said it had fired a second 'unstoppable' hypersonic Kinzhal missile at a fuel depot in Kostyantynivka, in the southern region of Mykolaiv. Zelensky has also ordered to suspend activities of 11 political parties with links to Russia. The Forpost-R unmanned combat aerial vehicle was first seen a week ago deployed by Russia in the current conflict. Russia also boasted in a chilling newly-released video how it is using adapted Israeli reconnaissance combat drone technology to kill in Ukraine.

From 2016, Israel stopped supplying components to Russia, apparently under pressure from the US, triggering the move by the Kremlin to adapt the drone. The video is believed to show the combat drone taking off from Gomel, in Belarus, and striking at targets in Ukraine. The propaganda video then cuts before showing some of the Chechen fighters emerging from the building with children in their arms while supposedly 'liberating' civilians. Meanwhile feared Chechen special forces are fighting house-to-house in the besieged port city. The British defense ministry said the Ukrainian Air Force and air defense forces are 'continuing to effectively defend Ukrainian airspace'. Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuri Ignat confirmed that a storage site had been targeted, but added that Kyiv had no information regarding the type of missile that was used. A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command confirmed the attack, but said the Ukrainian side had no information on the type of missiles used. The enemy targeted our depots' but 'we have no information of the type of missile,' he said. Donetsk regional Gov. Pavlo Kyrylenko said those who remain are people "that the Russians have not selected" for evacuation Meningococcal Disease.

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