Zak Webb Band

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Zak Webb Band

With soulful timbre that swells and dips, perfectly placed vibrato, impeccable falsetto and unforgettable energetic stage presence; Zak Webb is a force of nature that commands attention.   This incredible singer/songwriter from Texas offers phenomenal vocal and vast genre range leaving listeners stunned. Everything about Zak Webb defines exactly what Americana music is without losing touch with his unique soulful style, personal roots and journey.  

Zak Webb has provided direct support and shared the stage with artists of many genres including Prophets And Outlaws, Coffey Anderson, Dirty River Boys, Kyle Park, Phil Hamilton and Randall King.   His influences include Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Chuck Berry, Kirk Franklin, The Spinners, Prince, Darius Rucker, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, as well as his parents who were heavily involved in the local gospel and music scene. Although he lost his parents at a young age, his mother played a crucial role in the artist he would become and still inspires his music odyssey today.  

 In 2018, Zak formed his band releasing their debut single “Roll Baby” and EP, “Based On A True Story” by 2020. Music Minimum Wage, Ain’t Your Buddy, It Feels Like, and One Of Them Days followed in 2021. Zak went to work with Yellow Dog Studios that same year on his next project, “Fired Up And Gettin’ Cold” to be released in 2022.    He is currently performing full time with desire to take his music and message to the highest level and furthest distance possible with the only complaint being that the show had to end.


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