Fox Motel Malice in Eden

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Fox Motel Malice in Eden at the Deadhorse

Fox Motel is an original rock band based in San Antonio, TX.  The band was founded in August of 2016 by lead singer and bassist Melissa (Missy) Elliott.  Missy is a San Antonio native with years of singing experience who wanted to create something special and different so set out in August of 2016 to find members to bring her vision to life.  

 As the band started out slowly, they began to work together bringing their original songs to life!  The band name is based off the actual Fox Motel which was a sketchy yet historic motel that was finally bull dozed after its existence for many years.  Many San Antonio locals knew of its existence and the name which was half jokingly suggested stuck with its somewhat comical story behind it.  The band name also has its own song telling the story of the motel with comical references.  The song is becoming a crowd favorite to say the least!  Along with the other catchy original songs written and composed by the band members.

Missy is joined by guitarist Robert Randel, bassist/drums Carlos Ayala. Truly an awesome group with catchy up beat music that has rock, alternative, punk and pop flavors mixed into a genre all its own.


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