Father's Event Featuring the Concho Cowboys

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Concho Cowboy Co.

Friday June 18 at the Winery. Brats and Burgers by Chef Aaron O'Donnell. Then enjoy the Wild West Cowboy Shootout featuring the Fort Concho Cowboy Co.

About the Concho Cowboys

The Concho Cowboy Co. has come to town and you can expect fast action, high drama & a glimpse into the Wild Old West

Specializing in the portrayal of historical and fictional characters and events, the troupe brings a level of accuracy and realism to our performances that is rarely found today.

The Concho Cowboy Co. receives high praise from those who have witnessed our Wild West presentations.

They have been featured at: Christmas at Old Fort Concho, Ft. Chadbourne Days, Ft. Griffin Frontier Days, Ft. McKavett Heritage Living History Day, Celebrate Bandera, White Buffalo Days & Alamo Village ... just to mention a few.

They owe our tremendous success to the talent & enthusiasm of their gents and ladies.  Their standards of authenticity in dress, equipment and persona are of the highest order.  They are dedicated to working together as a team to preserve the history of the Wild West in their presentations for the education & entertainment of our audience.

The cast of characters are experienced entertainers and all of the costumes & firearms are authentic to the Old West!

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