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In today’s increasingly competitive landscape for attention and support to nonprofits, getting people to notice, hear, and *take action* on your nonprofit’s message can seem impossible. And, as a nonprofit stretched thin for time, dollars, and people, it is even more important for you to make the most of what your organization has and ensure that your investments are creating *the right* returns.

Nonprofit communications has many components, and we will cover a few of those key areas in this fast-paced, interactive one-day session.

Topics include: communications strategy, planning and calendaring, storytelling that moves people to action, digital and social media communications, media outreach, and public relations. We will also touch on crisis communications, giving you some resources to begin developing a crisis plan.

The session will also feature a lunch panel discussion featuring members from the local media. Hear straight from the source best practices for reaching out to their specific media outlet for coverage.

You will walk away with a variety of ready-to-implement ideas, tools, and materials to jump start or recharge your organization’s strategic communications.

Who Should Attend:

  • Nonprofit communications, marketing, social media, or public relations staff or volunteers, or those leading and executing an organization’s external communications
  • Organizational leaders
  • Those desiring to build their communications, marketing, and media expertise

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop and articulate your organization’s “WHY”
  • Utilize your “WHY” to frame storytelling that moves people to action
  • Understand how storytelling should frame all external communications
  • Learn the types of stories your organization should be sharing
  • Create the start of a strategic communications plan and calendar
  • Learn social media strategies and tactics, understand which strategies and tactics are best for you
  • Learn from local media their preferences for outreach
  • Understand key components of a crisis communications plan
  • Walk away with strategies that can be implemented immediately – not just great ideas that you’ll likely never execute!

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