Constitutional Carry Education Event

Event postings are $35 each. Event listings are displayed on the website and in our daily email until the event occurs. Events generally reach over 20,000 people per week.

Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry has come to Texas and, as a law-abiding gun owner, it’s your responsibility to be armed and educated on the nuances of this new law. Attendees of these educational events will learn the ins and outs of constitutional carry, including getting the insight on the most pressing issues on the minds of Texans, like:

1. Who can carry without a Texas LTC under constitutional carry;
2. Where you can and cannot carry your firearm;
3. What Penal Code signs can be used by business owners to prohibit permitless carry;
4. Changes to legal penalties for violations of the law;
5. How your Texas LTC will work;
6. If your method of carry matters from a legal standpoint;
7. Use of lethal force.

Get the Legal Answers You Need to Know

Each of these U.S. LawShield educational events will be led by a local Independent Program Attorney who will guide attendees through Texas constitutional carry and how it affects them as responsible gun owners. A dedicated question-and-answer session with the attorney leading the event will follow every informational segment to ensure attendees get the answers they need from a reliable source.

BONUS: Free Gift for All Attendees

As an added bonus, everyone attending the event will receive a free copy of the U.S. LawShield publication When Can I Legally Shoot? The Law of Deadly Force which has a $19.95 value.

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