The Brick Wall Buster Technique

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The Brick Wall  Buster Technique

The Brick Wall Buster Technique 

May 2nd 

Transform yourself from a passive data reader/collector into an active data user/thinker and overcome the confusion caused by “too much” information swirling in your mind. Register here:…

Kim Richardson began her genealogy journey out of her love of family history.  She is passionate about her work as a professional genealogist and enjoys serving the genealogy community by teaching and enabling others to do their own research successfully. She speaks often to genealogists across the country. In her role as a genealogist, she not only helps her clients achieve their own genealogy goals, but she has also researched for various authors and for Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are?

Richardson lives in Oxford, Mississippi, and graduated from Mississippi State University in 1996 with a BA in Communication. Since then, she has been serving the state of Mississippi, working in highway safety programs and as an advocate for victims of violent crimes.




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