Pfluger to Biden: We're Coming and Hell is Coming With Us

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) sent letters directing the Biden Administration’s Homeland Security Officials to preserve documents related to the Administration’s disastrous failures along the U.S.-Mexico border and in its withdrawal from Afghanistan. Specifically, the letters—sent to the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, and Intelligence and Analysis Office—request all records and data about the 15,000-person Haitian caravan that arrived in Del Rio, Texas in September 2021, as well as the Administration’s failure to properly vet and screen Afghan evacuees who were brought into the United States as a result of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.
“Over the past two years, Democrats in Congress failed to conduct meaningful oversight or deliver accountability for the Biden Administration’s actions that are threatening the safety and security of Americans," Pfluger said. "Republicans are committed to rooting out those responsible for these failures and requiring the White House to answer for its incompetence at home and abroad."

"My letters put the Biden Administration on notice: do not destroy any documents that pertain to your failures along the southern border and in the tragic Afghanistan withdrawal," he concluded.
Read the full letters to Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Magnus, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and U.S. Office of Intelligence and Analysis Under Secretary Kenneth L. Wainstein.

Pfluger spent his entire first term as a junior member of the minority party doing all he could to expose and slow what he views are bad policies and tasks orchestrated by the Biden Administration that failed to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad. In a Republican-controlled House starting in January 2023, Pfluger and the Republican caucus will have more latitude to investigate and thwart this. Preserving documents is a first step towards congressional hearings. 

Back in April, Pfluger skewered Mayorkas in what Forbes Magazine said was the head of DHS's most shameful congressional hearing. In the exchange, Pfluger wanted answers about about 30 illegals apprehended in the Del Rio Sector that were rumored to be on the U.S. terrorism watch list and about the DHS plan to house 500 illegal aliens in San Angelo. Mayorkas had no answers but the plans to house migrants in his district were apparently scrapped or only rumors. Watch it here


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Are they going to investigate the surge trump had in 2019? Are they going to investigate trumps failure to build the wall he promised and campaigned on that put us in this situation? 

Nobody I have talked to can even point to a specific policy or legislation that Biden has enacted or signed that has anything to do with the border, only saying "liberal policies", which mean nothing unless you can tell us which ones.

As far as afghanistan, with trump over 50 soldiers died, under Biden there were 13. Now because Biden ended that 20 year war that republicans started there will be no more soldiers deaths. Republicans are angry about that? Do republicans want more dead soldiers? By the way they act they do. Biden was following trumps timeline trump signed after he released 5000 taliban soldiers from prison. But republicans don't care about those terrorists that trump enabled and released from prison do they?

CapnK, Tue, 11/22/2022 - 21:54

Dont have to bring hell to the current administration as they already dwell in it. 

If indeed we currently exist in a hell, it is the result of the mindless rightist thuggery that has burdened the country the last few years.  In the meantime, the courts continue to pound the prodigious posterior of Trumpty.  Justice waits in the wings.

Are you sure it isn't the diseased liberal left with their penis removal, refusal to identify as one of the TWO genders, baby murder and of or course last but not least the inability to take blame for anything.

Yes.  I am absolutely certain, since your depiction of the situation is purely illusionary.

The water in Tom Green County has long been iffy in quality, and based on your posts it may be contributing to accelerated cerebral atrophy. 

Nothing illusionary about what I said, it's what the demoncratic party stands for, and trust I wouldn't dare drink the "water" in TGC.

That last part I can fully support.  The last time I lived there I couldn't drink the stuff that came out of the tap, and I darn sure wouldn't make tea or coffee with it.

By the way, dude.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  Regardless of our political leanings here, we all have a great deal to be thankful for.  Peace to all.

Speaking of “justice waiting in the wings”, the Dept. of the Treasury is in possession of at least 150 Suspicious Activity Reports (banking regulation put in place following 9/11) related to the Biden crime family’s financial transactions ;)

I can only find this on very heavy conservative news sites, so who knows if its true or not.

BUT, even so they all say it's his two sons that have suspicious activity, none mention Biden himself. And what they say is that they are large amount of money that were transferred between banks/accounts. Note that any amount of money over $6,000 is flagged for "review", for anybody.

If they did something wrong, then they should be investigated and prosecuted. BUT, imma bet this is just another republican political hit job and nothing more than legitimate money transfers or money being used in legitimate ways.

References to the "Biden Crime Family" are downright hilarious when one looks at the decades-long perfidious shenanigans of Trumpty and his tribe.

Glad you’re amused! The guy you voted into office is not just a racist and a pervert, but a crook as well ;)

Not to worry.  This bilge is as provable as the mindless Trumpian tripe regarding the "stolen" election that sucked in so many unthinking folks.

Hunter's laptop? The one that can't be proven was his? The one where chain of custody was broken by trumps own lawyer Rudy Goulinani (who has had his law license suspended, lol)? 

You fail to realize it is irrelevant whether the laptop is even real or not, when ol' Rudy has it in his possession for months it breaks chain of custody and any competent lawyer would have the evidence thrown out due to that since there was plenty of opportunity for any of Biden's political opponents to tamper and plant evidence on it.

But the reality of it is that it's not even real, it may exist as a real laptop sure, but it certainly isn't what the people you worship are telling you it is.

Man, you guys will get riled up and spout off anything they tell you to won't you? Fascinating.

Fascinating indeed! A brainwashed leftist ideologue accusing others of believing everything they’re told ;)

Not surprised you never heard of it the decidedly leftist media is in tank for democrats ;)

As far as Biden being a racist…even Kamala called him out during one of the debates. Of course all was forgiven once she figured out braindead Biden would likely not last through his first term ;)

Can you post the video of that? I cannot seem to find it, I want to watch the same video you have.

I don’t post links. Did you not watch the democrat debates apparently not.

It never ceases to amaze me how ill informed you Biden sycophants are explains a lot actually ;)

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