Turns Out It Wasn't the Gun – Details Emerge of Cross Dressing Loser

HIGHLAND PARK, IL – After days of blaming the gun and shouting out in loud voices that weapons should be banned and taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens following that tragic mass shooting in a Chicago Suburb at a 4th of July Independence Day Parade, it turns out, it wasn't the gun's fault at all.  

The suspect turns out to be a cross-dressing cowardly thug who was well known to police and authorities who had already confiscated weapons from Robert Crimo III after he threatened to 'kill everyone.'

National news sources are reporting Crimo was involved in two incidents prior to the massacre, police said Tuesday.

In April 2019, an individual called police a week after learning of Crimo attempting suicide, authorities said. Police said the matter was handled by mental health professionals with no law enforcement.

In September 2019, a family member reported Crimo had a collection of knives and “was going to kill everyone,” authorities said. Police responded to the incident and removed the weapons from Crimo’s possession, police said. Highland Park police notified State Police of the incident but no further actions were taken. 

Highland Park Police believe suspected gunman Robert Crimo III “pre-planned this attack for several weeks.” 

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said it appears Crimo III legally purchased a rifle and brought it to the parade before accessing the roof of a business through a fire escape ladder. 

He then fired more than 70 rounds into the crowds below, killing six and wounding dozens more, Covelli said. 

“During the attack, Crimo was dressed in women’s clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape with the other people who were fleeing the chaos," he added.

Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III have released a statement through their attorney.

"We are all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and this is a terrible tragedy for many families, the victims, the paradegoers, the community, and our own. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to everybody."

And before anyone can blame gun laws, it has been reported that Crimo's father not only knew of his son's violent tendencies, he helped his cross-dressing, very disturbed son purchase weapons by sponsoring him according to Illinois law.  

In order to buy firearms in Illinois, individuals need a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. Crimo was under 21, so he was sponsored by his father, state police said. Crimo's application was not denied because there was "insufficient basis to establish a clear and present danger" at the time. 

Crimo legally purchased five firearms, according to reports – a combination of rifles, a pistol and possibly a shotgun. ISP confirmed Tuesday that Crimo passed four background checks between June 2020 and September 2021 when purchasing firearms, which included checks of the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Before law makers decide to strip more Constitutional Rights away from law abiding citizens by attacking the Second Amendment, perhaps they should look providing law enforcement with the vital  tools necessary to protect citizens from disturbed individuals like Crimo by locking him up and taking away his weapons.  

And his friends, family and social media followers share the blame in allowing this disturbed criminal to carry out the carnage of July 4, 2022. 

Highland Park Shooter Crime Arrested (Contributed/Reuters)

Highland Park Shooter Crime Arrested (Contributed/Reuters)


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No one blames the gun itself, but this kid with all the issue that Yantis rightfully mentions still legally purchased a gun.  Also wearing a costume as a disguise and cross dressing are two totally separate things, but i assume he knows this.   

Ok, Yantis, lets walk through your logic. Your headline makes it very clear that you do not think the gun is an issue. However, you end the article by stating that law enforcement should have taken away his weapons. 

You state that gun laws should not be blamed, and then seemingly justify this statement by saying that "Crimo legally purchased five firearms" by being sponsored by his father. 

It seems pretty apparent to me that lax gun laws are a huge issue here and I am completely baffled as to why you attempt (and fail miserably) to lead the readers to believe that beefing up the law enforcement is the solution. We saw how that played out in Uvalde.

Please think about why you are so biased and cannot come to the correct conclusion despite laying out all the necessary facts to conclude that the gun laws and sponsorship loopholes are EXACTLY what needs to be changed.

I assume  being that  he’s completely party line in every article he writes that he’s also against any red flag law that would have given those around him a way to at least make this more difficult. 

Availability of military-style weapons like the one used here to civilians remains and always will be idiotic.  Those things have no reasonable purpose unless one wants to kills lots of people quickly.  Those who feel a burning urge to own such monstrous things are morons.  Give me lever action, bolt action, pump, single shot, magazines with five or fewer rounds capacity.  True shooters can use those quite nicely and don't need their concept of manliness falsely bolstered by their owning a weapon of war.

I own zero guns, i have never pulled the trigger on a gun bigger than a pellet gun.  I think their should be all kinds of restrictions, but i disagree with most of your statement.  I have plenty of friends who have "military weapons" and don't feel threatened at all.  You cant ban your way out of this mess. 

Hogs... lots of them. I have personally used my AR to open up on herds of hogs that do billions in damage to agriculture yearly. I have killed and wounded as many as 20 in one exchange. There is a difference here, I have no desire, none whatsoever, to treat humankind like a herd of hogs.


Say what you want, but when the times get hard 5-6 rounds won't be enough. It's not 1776 anymore. By the way thanks for not purchasing anything with more than 6 rounds. That's more ammo for my belt fed salt machine. Got any salt?

A lesson for you…laws are only effective depending on the enforcement of such laws, otherwise they mean nothing!

No charge for the education you’re welcome ;)

Take that punk and put him in a room full of victims family and those who survived and let 'em serve justice however they see fit. 

Van, Wed, 07/06/2022 - 12:52

Liberals love to blame everyone except the person who committed this violent deed.

and conservatives want to blame only that person and pretend that their aren't 100s more in every town in America. The views are equally insane.  

You’re right definitely a plethora of drug addled leftist shitstains about ;)

CapnK, Wed, 07/06/2022 - 17:00

He and his dad are both leftnut agitators and both need to die of lead poison.

Haha prove it. Everything this leftist nutjob ever posted says otherwise…including the look on his face while wearing the Trump banner ;)

Donald Jones, Wed, 07/06/2022 - 19:39

You made the initial accusation that he was left, YOU prove it. But you won't because you can't.

Donald Jones, Wed, 07/06/2022 - 19:40


Friends said he wasn’t political he went to rallies for anything to jack with people and take pictures in his clothing line.  Just a nut, not anymore nut, as is the case more often than not. 

Haha you’re the one who said “he was not the left nut this time”.

Go play in the street lol.

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