Area Congressmen Blame President Joe Biden for 50 Found Dead inside 18-Wheeler

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Two west Texas congressmen are blaming the policies of the Biden Administration for yesterday’s tragic discovery of 50 illegal migrants found dead inside the semi-trailer of an 18-wheeler in San Antonio. Congressman Tony Gonzales represents Congressional District 23 that spans the majority of the U.S.-Mexico border from Eagle Pass to the east side of El Paso. Congressman August Pfluger’s 11th Congressional District lays north of CD-23 and stretches from Fort Hood through San Angelo to Midland and Odessa.

Yesterday a tractor-trailer was found near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio containing the bodies of 50 dead people. Another 16 people were taken to area hospitals. Federal, state, and local authorities said they believed the bodies and those hospitalized were of illegal migrants smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico. Latin American consulates are working with authorities and some of the migrants are believed to be from Honduras and Guatemala.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said this is the deadliest human smuggling incident he could recall in the city. Law enforcement told reporters that those imprisoned inside the baking hot semi-trailer were trying to jump out of the truck as others died right beside them.

Dead bodies were found along several blocks of the truck’s path of travel. Authorities said many of the bodies were sprinkled with steak seasoning to cover up the smell. The semi-trailer was equipped with a refrigeration system but it apparently wasn’t working and temperatures were near 100 degrees F yesterday. No water was available to the passengers and the San Antonio fire Chief, Charles Hood, said some survivors inside the truck were too weak to exit the trailer on their own.

“Yesterday, nearly 50 migrants were found deceased inside an overheated semi-truck in San Antonio. This tragic account is yet another example of the ruthlessness that human smugglers display as they seek to profit off their victims. Unfortunately, situations like these are common along the Texas border, and will likely continue until enforcement efforts against criminal operations are scaled up,” said Congressman Tony Gonzales in a prepared statement.   Gonzales continued, “More needs to be done to disincentivize migrants from making the trek to our southern border. Currently, we’re on a path to exceed record breaking numbers of migrant deaths and recuses. These rescues often involve women and children and occur in extreme weather conditions or in dangerous terrains such as deserts and rivers.”   “This is the devastating reality of the crisis at our southern border. Current open-border policies are anything but compassionate. Instead, they have encouraged hundreds of thousands of migrants to rely on a ruthless smuggling industry run by cartels,” Gonzales concluded.Pfluger’s statement was shorter. His immediate response was , “A terrible and sad way to die. God bless them.”

“Cartels and human smugglers have taken control of our southern border. Democrats like President Biden and Homeland Secretary Mayorkas can deny the heartbreaking realities of their border crisis, but when over 40 (now 50) people are killed in the back of a tractor-trailer, they must not be allowed look away,” Pfluger said in an extended statement.

The two area congressmen are not alone in condemning the Biden Administration. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott tweeted, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies.”

Police and other first responders work the scene where officials say dozens of people have been found dead and multiple others were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses after a semitrailer containing suspected migrants was found, Monday, June 27, 2022, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Police and other first responders work the scene where officials say dozens of people have been found dead and multiple others were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses after a semitrailer containing suspected migrants was found, Monday, June 27, 2022, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)


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“I would in fact make sure that we immediately surge the border” Joe Biden.

True to his word…at least in that regard. And “surge the border” they have, culminating in the horrible tragedy before us now.

What’s happening at our southern border is an impeachable offense! Biden swore an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” which provides for a secure border ;)

If the border is wide open and the Biden admin is not providing any resistance why are they hiding in box trucks.  Your narratives are getting twisted.  I’m sure you will quote a founding father to make it all make sense. 

I don’t recall ever claiming that the border is “wide open” apparently you have a problem with reading comprehension;)

While you may not have not specifically  said that the border is "wide open" as a result of Biden, the howls and screeches from the ever-wrong right have pounded us with just that message.  It would seem were that true these poor souls would not have perished inside a rolling oven.

May those that put them in that rolling oven experience something similar in Hell... forever.

My guess is, those the Cartels are stuffing in tractor trailers are just like the ones they put in stash houses…they still owe a debt more than likely having to do with all the drugs coming into the country across our southern border.

Haha not Biden’s fault…although the first thing he did was do away with Trump’s common sense border policies after inviting “migrants” to surge the border.

Was wondering how long it was going to take before you Biden sycophants came to his defense ;)

. So you believe we do a decent job at the border and this is the side effect folks having to be smuggled in? 

Not exactly. No one in their right mind thinks “we do a decent job at the border” it’s a shitshow ;)

Shit show in what way?  You just said it’s not wide open, now you call it a shit show.  It’s either easy to get in or it’s not your kind of saying both are true.  

Van, Tue, 06/28/2022 - 16:25

Very little concern by the democrats since these deaths didn't occur with firearms by a psycho killer.

“It’s either easy to get in or it’s not”

All I know is there’s a record number of illegal immigrants pouring into our country…so you tell me ;)

When I start speaking out both sides of my head I’ll explain myself, currently you are so we can figure that out. Either the border enforcement is too lax which you’ve ranted about since well, Biden and people can come across at will or it’s hard to get across and people are having to be smuggled in sweltering trucks.  You can’t blame both on the same person they are completely opposite things, it’s one or the other. 

In the meantime, the January 6 hearings have been utterly fascinating.  I realize that most Trumpoons are ignoring these since they fear its being demonstrated that they bought into a line of utter nonsense that has driven them to continue to support a soulless monster.  A certain amount of cognitive dissonance also plays a part in this little opera.

The witnesses are unimpeachable.  The evidence is undeniable.  The conclusions are inescapable.  The verdict is unavoidable:  Donald Trump participated in an attempt to overturn the results of a valid, uncorrupted election that validly elected Joe Biden.  The "Stolen Election" thing was a myth, a lie, an unsupported concoction of theories without supporting evidence promulgated by toadies like Giuliana, Stone, Bannon, the Faux News slimeballs, and other ne'er-do-wells who care little about the country and the Constitution.  They care only about power.

Trump is a criminal.  I truly hope he and certain of his demented supporters are indicted, tried, convicted, and spend time in a truly inhospitable place.

In the meantime, the poison of Trumpism continues.  We have political candidates still howling to the heavens about the Stolen Election.  These people are dangerous creatures, and those that buy into their rancid stupidity are morons.  Anybody who supports any Trumpist politician is a fool.

As I have said before, I have no problem with thinking conservative/Republicans.  I do have a problem with Trumpist idiots.  Trump is a dangerous bastard with little grip on sanity and no concern for anyone but himself.

Oh, by the way... Cassidy Hutchison is a hero with far bigger balls than any of us here.

Trump will never be indicted on a federal charge, the state of NY may indict him for something although I wouldn’t  bet on that.  

Hmmmm, Wed, 06/29/2022 - 11:34

Expat believes all fake news, the more insane and unbelievable the better. I heard Jussie smollets gonna be at the next hearing telling us how trump tried to hang him while yelling “this is maga country!”

Haha you’re an idiot! I already explained that you must have missed it.

And who is “we”? You’re the only one who thinks we’re “doing a decent job at the border” ;)

I haven’t commented either way on the job being done at the border and you haven’t explained anything, just flip flopped. 

That’s fine. Like I’ve told you before…you’re like debating a child ;)

Hmmmm, Tue, 06/28/2022 - 18:10

Where have you seen that they came across the border in the truck? I read they were found in the San Antonio area and it’s just speculated. For all we know they were being moved after they walked across. I think it’s pretty obvious the border patrol is overwhelmed and has been for a long time (under trump and Obama too)

I agree with all of this.  The article said smuggled across so I took that as they rode in the truck. I agree 1000% that the border is atrocious and that’s it’s worse now than ever. You just can’t blame every single thing that happens on Joe Biden or Donald trump, both sides are equally guilty. 

Bullshit! Trump, aside from all his faults, did everything he could to to actually solve the problem at the border Biden has done just the opposite ;)

Hmmmm, Wed, 06/29/2022 - 11:09

Saying they were overwhelmed over the last several presidents doesn’t mean trump wasn’t doing anything about it. Joe Biden and his appointees have most definitely made things worse. Mayorkas imo should be impeached and thrown in jail but that will never happen. 

Haha that from someone who openly admitted they voted for Biden only because Trump was his opponent…never once explaining WHY or which actual policies you were opposed to or which actual policies Biden espoused that led you to vote for him.

Tell you what, how about you “low information” voters who simply vote with their emotions just not vote next time around…if you would have done that then we would all be a lot better off today ;)


That’s why I asked you your opinion! Trump’s fault right?…never mind the fact that, unlike Biden, Trump put in place actual policies which were, according to the U.S. Border Patrol, effective in stopping the flow of illegal immigration into our country ;)

As per usual I asked you one question that you simply can’t answer.  When you did he it I ask again, childlike I guess. 

What question is that remind me again. If it’s “Is our southern border secure?” then I already answered that question ABSOLUTELY NOT.

My advice…stop trying to justify voting for a demented, crooked racist like Joe Biden just admit you made a mistake ;)

I’ve never once said but trump and have no issue justifying my vote against him. I 100% wish their was a viable 3rd option, But their wasn’t. 

Donald Jones, Tue, 06/28/2022 - 22:06

First it was 42, now it's 50, soon you guys will say that the 18 wheeler was stuffed with a million immigrants.

Yet another mental midget. The reason the number of deaths changed is because some of those who originally survived ended up dying ;)

Van, Wed, 06/29/2022 - 09:40

Only thing I know voting democrat will put you and your friends in a much deep financial hole.  No good times, only misery.

As long as you are starting at the border and working back you are not doing everything you can at the border.  Trump made huge moves more than anyone else, the biggest one being a wall that would always be attributed to him (something he needs), forcing folks to apply for asylum in the first country they come to is a great plan but it requires some buy in from latin countries that we may never get,  but none touched root of the problem. 

we have destabilized countries in south america for generations we are responsible for many of them having to run. Trump or anyone before him has done nothing to stop the hiring of illegals in the US leaving the incentive to come wide open.  things like everify which the republicans are sometimes for and dems are sometimes for but of course never at the same time. 

Until we work on why they are coming and cutoff the reason to come we arent doing all we can.  Texas dosent require everify abbottt is supposed to be a hardline immigration guy but companies with owners who love his hardline stance also love workers who dont require benefits. 



Haha root causes…the most egregious being Biden inviting asylum seekers (illegal immigrants) to “surge the border” and surge the border they did and are still ;)

If this were a new problem this may have some merit but its not.  Its sad that you let party allegiance completely blind everything you say. The weird thing is i think at least at the border we have pretty similar beliefs, you just feel the need to frame everything is a goofy right left way that is the reason that the border will remain an issue for our lifetime. 

We can now all breath a sigh of relief just yesterday Biden’s press secretary definitively stated “the border is closed”…a claim that’s been repeated over and over by her and head of homeland security Majorkas.

Using the very same false dichotomy used above, and taking into account the estimated 500,000 “got aways” that found their way into our country last year, the border is either “closed”or it’s not which is it you can’t have it both ways ;)


If your talking to me, I’ve never once said the border isn’t an insanely huge problem.  I’ve also stated over and over I’m not a fan of Biden and he shouldn’t be the president of any country. As far as his press secretary saying over and over it’s closed I’ll take your word for it press secretaries are FOS it’s their job. 

Goofy huh? Are you aware that the Biden administration has floated giving amnesty (citizenship) to illegal immigrants awaiting determination on their asylum claims…a situation they’re no doubt responsible for considering their open border policies are what greatly exacerbated the problem?

If not I suspect you will…especially if democrats are able to pull off a victory in the midterms. 



Biden has zero political clout, he’s not passing an amnesty bill.  The absolute rosiest dem predictions dosent  get them to 60 senators and not every dem would vote for blanket amnesty.   Neither of us is a fan of Biden’s that’s been established. 

Donald Jones, Wed, 06/29/2022 - 14:39

"Biden administration has floated giving amnesty (citizenship) to illegal immigrants awaiting determination on their asylum claims"

Ronald Reagan did the same thing in the 80's.

Just want everyone to be aware of what the democrats’ “end game” is when it comes to immigration ;)


The last person that was able to get blanket amnesty was old Ronnie trickle down, it won’t happen in our lifetime 

Van, Wed, 06/29/2022 - 16:25

The democrats did not fulfill their promise of securing the border, no more deals until the wall it built and the border is secured to acceptable levels.

Thank you! Which is why one of the first things Trump said was, in order to fix our broken immigration system, we must first secure our southern border!

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