San Angelo Reports 889 New Covid-19 Infections On Thursday


SAN ANGELO, TX –– San Angelo continues to experience a significant surge in new coronavirus cases.

On Thursday, the San Angelo Health Department reported 889 infections.

According to the daily report, there are currently 6,327 active cases. Additionally, there are 45 patients currently hospitalized.

A new death has also been confirmed. The patient was identified as a female in her 60s from Tom Green County. The woman was unvaccinated at the time of her death.

This brings the total death count to 487 –– 309 from Tom Green County and 178 from other counties.

The total positive case count has now reached 33,351.

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ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 18:51

Not a peep huh?

Another unvaccinated death. 

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 07:30

We already know you hate facts to the point you have to lie all the time. I do love the all the chances you give me to prove you wrong though, which is quite often since you can never even provide evidence or proof for your position.

No need to prove you’re a filthy demagogue you prove it on a daily basis ;)

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:58

And you are part of a party of seditionists,

Well, attempted anyway, seems you republican seditionists can't do anything right.

You hate America and your poor attempt to paint the Democrats as such is pure projection. Your attempt to take over the government will be written in history book for years to come. Books you don't burn first of course.

Probably just upset about the smackdown by the Supreme Court regarding Biden’s vaccine mandate for private business I TOLD you back when it was introduced that it would be found unconstitutional ;)

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:50

It's still active for hospitals, which is most important anyway. Not surprising the packed stolen republican Supreme Court went against democrats. They care about politics, not American citizens lives I guess.

Remember obamas supreme court pick was rejected without precedent because it was an election year. Stolen seat 1. Yet when it was an election year Trump got a pick. Stolen seat 2. If democrats did this you would never stop talking about it.

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:52

That really is all you have? Really? Figures.

Biden’s Build Back Bitter agenda…dead. His unconstitutional vaccine mandate…dead. His attempt to federalize our election laws/do away with the filibuster…dead.

Van, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:41

Biden and the progressive ideologs within his administration and party have destroyed the democratic party.  Go WOKE go BROKE!

ME Someone, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:46

Republicans are the ones splitting apart. Some of you don't even support Trump anymore because he supports the vaccines.

Even the RNC pulled out of presidential debates because they are too scared.

Van, Fri, 01/14/2022 - 10:44

The moderates in the democratic party you can count almost nonexistent.

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