More Than 900 Cases Confirmed In One Day In San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, TX –– Cases continue to rise exponentially as Covid-19 testing appears to ramp up in San Angelo.

On Tuesday afternoon, health officials reported 920 new infections in one day.

According to the report, the active case count has now reached 4,806 –– with 41 patients currently hospitalized. The total positive case count has reached 31,629.

In addition to the colossal amount of cases, a new death has also been confirmed.

The patient was identified as a male in his 70s from McCulloch County. The man was unvaccinated at the time of his death.

This brings the total coronavirus death count to 486 –– 308 from Tom Green County and 178 from other counties.

No demographics are available for the new infections.


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I hope no one was trying to get to the dentist next door the Shannon Clinic. All of those jerks trying to get a Covid test are blocking traffic.

You do realize there are plenty of people who don’t trust the federal government because of their handling of the virus…but that’s different right?

Hypocrite ;)

Oh I forgot…If you dare question little Lord Farrquat (Fauci) then you’re questioning science itself ;)

Btw consumer prices up 7% in December the worst since 1982.

Oh sorry am I allowed to comment you didn’t bring it up lol.

Haha not Biden’s fault. Biden has the reverse Midas touch literally everything he’s touched has turned to shit ;)

MeMe: we democrats always hold our leaders accountable.

Haha what a dipstick ;)

We’ll see what happens in the midterms. Why do you think democrats are so desperate to unconstitutionally federalize our election laws which would require doing away with the filibuster (which would be a monumentally stupid thing to do) they KNOW full well what’s coming ;)

Van, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 17:15

Biden sinking faster than a lead balloon according to polling today.  Hispanics, blacks and independents becoming dissatisfied with his leadership and the democratic party.

Gotta hand it to MeMe. Most rats will jump from a sinking ship not her lol.

CapnK, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 17:39

Brain dead Bidens inflation worst in + 40 years, now thats something to crow about.

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