WATCH: Mayor Gunter Slams Contractors for Fiber Optic Installation Destruction

SAN ANGELO, TX – Mayor Gunter showed that she was very displeased during Tuesday's City Council Meeting for the clean up job that fiber optic cable installation crews have been doing across town.

During the public comment portion of the San Angelo's City Council Meeting, on Dec. 7, Mayor Brenda Gunter questioned Shane Kelton, Operations Manager for the City of San Angelo, about the fiber optic cable that is being installed across the city.

Across the City, fiber optic companies such as Frontier are installing nearly 50 miles of fiber optic cable. The majority of the installation is on the city's right-of-ways in front of citizen's homes.

Mayor Gunter voiced his disappointment with the installation process due to the damage that is being done to people's front yards.

"I think that if you had property on City right of way and you spent the money and time to landscape it, obviously knowing that it was city right of way, but did we want them to leave it there ugly?" said Mayor Gunter. "When you are in a residential area, I can't imagine that the expectation is to leave five to ten feet ugly and then create a landscape program."

Check out the full video below.

Kelton explained that the property will be restored following installation but only ensured the City's portion of the property.

"Any citizen that places anything in a public right of way is taking a risk of having them damaged or even not put back into place. I have been told that Frontier, as well as their subcontractor Housley, throughout this project are going to be working to replace, as best as they can, to bring it back to where it was in its original state." said Kelton. "We do have a inspector that is going behind them making sure they put the city's assets back in place but again we don't have any way to enforce them to put back public citizen's assets."

The conversation ended with the Council asking the City's Communication's Department to spread the word on when crews will be installing the fiber in different areas. 


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So the city is coming down on the best thing ever coming to town to try and put Suddenlink out of business, and then are going to harp on somebody having a little fresh dug up dirt in their yard next to the curb, but it's Ok for them to let streets become something that even cattle wouldn't use as a cow trail.... Being a little conceited are we ? ? ?

King, Wed, 12/08/2021 - 09:39

'A little fresh dug up dirt' Doc?  I see four or five YARDS of my neighbor's front lawns turned into a mud sink hole.  The city will cite us if we don't mow this area yet there are large rocks, wire, and rebarb that destroy mowers, left in the not-so-right-of way.

truth, Tue, 12/07/2021 - 16:02

This is becoming a habit with this writer. These are direct quotes. 

“Mayor Gunter showed that SHE was very displeased…”         “Mayor Gunter voiced HIS disappointment…”

if someone read this and didn’t who the mayor is… they would surely be confused. Who does your proofreading?? 

Does she have stock in suddenlink? Competition in San Angelo is a good thing. I am glad Frontier is installing fiber so we can get out from under the stupid high prices suddenlink charges!! Maybe she should be negotiating better pricing for suddenlink services. Ive been with suddenlink for almost 12 years and their prices continue to climb, yet new customer get services for half of what loyal customers pay!! that's crap. I will be leaving suddenlink for fiver in the next few weeks.  Brenda, San Angelo needs you to be better!!

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