Congressman Jodey Arrington on Illegal Alien Invasion


SAN ANGELO  – Congressman Jodey Arrington of Lubbock was in San Angelo Thursday and Friday for an event honoring former Congressman Mike Conaway who recently retired. 

San Angelo Live! spoke with the Congressman who represents Lubbock and Abilene Friday Morning.  

Here are Congressman Arrington's thoughts on the Haitian Illegal Immigrant Crisis in Del Rio: 

"It's out of control.  We had another 300% increase year over year in the month of August and that's a string of monthly record increases and those are just the folks we apprehend.  There are hundreds of thousands that are coming through that we don't apprehend.  This is all an affect of the de facto open border policies of this administration.  

We just found out recently that folks were being illegally released into the Abilene community which is in my district and I talked to the folks at ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and they couldn't tell me how many (there were), where they were going, who's tracking them or when they would be given a notice to appear in court.

But they did admit that those folks that they were releasing, some of the, are Covid positive while out federal government is mandating masks on its private citizens and some of them have criminal records and they (ICE) know there is a tremendous flow of narcotics – record number...record volume of narcotics – coming from across the border.  Fentanyl, heroin, the largest seizures of both have been made this year.   

They (also) know human trafficking issues surrounding border crossings with Cartels in total control of the border not our government not the Mexican government are out of control.

This is a major safety and security crisis for the country and it's not getting any better. 

I filed legislation, Yantis, it's just a resolution and the purpose of it is to affirm the state's sovereign power under the Constitution to protect its people and secure its border and its sovereignty."

Arrington continued, "The President is supposed to faithfully executive the laws of the land and he's derelict in doing that.  Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution says the federal government guarantees each and every state protection against an invasion.  That is completely a failure on the federal government's part.  

The invasion is the gangs and the drugs and the crimes and it's a key contributing factor in that the cartels, which are military capable and very sophisticated and are controlling the flow of all of these things and our federal government is doing nothing about it." 

"The states have every God-given Constitutional right to stop it, to shut the border down, turn people away at the border and at a minimum to detain and deport those who are apprehended." Arrington said.  

We will have more on our exclusive interview with Congressman Arrington later.  

Jodey Arrington

Jodey Arrington (LIVE! Photo/Matt Trammell)

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CGM5, Sat, 09/18/2021 - 15:37

The fear of impeaching biden lies in the fact that kamala will be the one to take his place. However, I'm not so sure that wasn't the democrats plan from the start.

And republicans worst fear is that a woman of color be president *gasp* you people already cried your eyes out when the Democrats had the audacity, in your minds, to elect a black man president. I am convinced that is one of the reasons you people prop up Trump, you want revenge for the Democrats electing someone you hate, so you people elect someone you know Democrats will dislike, no matter if Trump is completely unqualified and hurts his base more than he helps them, in fact all republicans do that, just look at how bad mitch is for Kentucky for proof of that.

CGM5, Sun, 09/19/2021 - 08:31

You little twit, you just can't help yourself from constantly lying, twisting the truth and taking your stupid little cheap shots like your statement above. Everyone knows why you do it. You don't have the intelligence to make an argument on your own. Even if you could by some miracle gain intelligence, your morals and character wouldn't allow you to use it to improve yours or anyone else's life. 

All you have is poor attempts at insults. Just like all the othe republicans. Looks like I struck a nerve, did I hurt your feelings, awww.

There’s supposed to be a petition signing for “Texit” at the upcoming gun show.

There is not a constitutional means to exit the US, it has only been tried once, the civil war, and Texas and the rest of the south lost, badly. You are willing to say you want to go to war with the United States? So you hate America bad enough to go to war with us? If you hate America enough to attempt to destroy it with war you can take your own advice you have given to me and leave. Can't say I am surprised, you people already tried to take over the government on January 6th, then held a rally for it a couple of days ago that was outnumbered by the press it had such bad attendance.

It will never happen though, you people are much to scared to actually leave America because you know how we deal with terrorists. Not to mention Texas does not have the infrastructure to do so, no matter how badly you want it to or think it does. The US controls the gulf, you would be blockaded there. The US will sanction any country that tries to do business with you, you would have to rely on communist countries like china and russia (which you claim to hate) since mexico needs the US too badly to deal with you. That is if the US even lets anybody through US airspace to trade with you, because you can't trade by land it's all mexico or US owned, and water won't be an option either. Your electric grid can't even survive a couple days of cold weather, not to mention it is controlled out of state. I highly doubt with the US against it that any countries would even recognize your independence. It's all pipe dreams from republican fantasy camp.

The fact that you people took the name "texit" from the British, America's original enemy, is fairly fitting. Self aware much?

"when the Democrats had the audacity, in your minds, to elect a black man president" you mean the guy who had the worst growth of any sitting president in history since ever? Ok maybe there were worse but the depression was happening then..... 


Jimmy Carter (D): 3.25% Ronald Reagan (R): 3.48% George H.W. Bush (R): 2.25% Bill Clinton (D): 3.88% George W. Bush (R): 2.2% Barack Obama (D): 1.62% Donald Trump (R): 0.95%

In his first four years in office, Trump has had by far the lowest average U.S. GDP growth rate of any of the last seven U.S. presidents.

Obama didn't do all that bad considering he had a recession the first couple of years of his first term. 

It has nothing to do with Kamala being a “woman of color”, it has to do with her being an obnoxious twit who’s dumber than a box of rocks ;)

Name something specific she has done that you think is "obnoxious" and what has she done (or said) that is dumb?

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