Vets in Congress Decry President Biden's Capitulation to Taliban


WASHINGTON, DC — President Joe Biden announced he will abide by the Taliban's August 31 deadline to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Doing to means the airlift of U.S. citizens and Afghan SIVs will end that day.

"President Biden’s decision to commit to the Taliban’s dictated August 31st Afghanistan withdrawal deadline means he is signing the death warrants of countless Americans and allies who will be left behind," Congressman August Pfluger said.

"Today, President Biden decided to cave to the Taliban’s deadline to withdraw all American troops out of Afghanistan by August 31st. This is a death warrant to the countless Americans and allies who will be left behind. It is utterly unacceptable that the commander and chief of the greatest military force in the world is allowing the Taliban, a group of terrorist thugs, to order the evacuation of our own citizens," stated Pfluger.

"President Biden has broken two of the most important military codes: the United States does not negotiate with terrorists, and no man left behind," he continued."

"This is the opposite of American strength. This is a forever stain on our country's global reputation. By legitimatizing a brutal regime, he has left the lives of American citizens in the hands of executioners," the Congressional District 11 representative concluded.

This afternoon, Pfluger joined House Republican Whip Steve Scalise and his fellow House Republican military veterans for a press conference highlighting the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. Many of those representatives served in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Pfluger flew combat sorties over Syria. CD-23 Congressman Tony Gonzales served in the Navy and was on the ground in Afghanistan for five years.

“This is what we should be focusing on: Americans need to come together. We should not be focusing on an arbitrary deadline. The deadline needs to be that the United States doesn't leave Afghanistan until all Americans come home," said Gonzales.

"Afghanistan is roughly the size of Texas and there is only one exit point right now in Kabul. That’s unacceptable in any form or fashion.

"I served 20 years in the military, 20 years in the intelligence community. I served five years in Afghanistan. I flew intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. We, as an intelligence community, have given up our ability to collect intel at the most dangerous point in Afghanistan's history. I would argue right now is more dangerous to Americans than the first day we went in 2001. Why? Because we have no intelligence.

"This administration has given up the high ground on intelligence when we are trying to extract Americans. It is absolutely unacceptable.

"We need to focus on one thing - getting our Americans and Afghan partners home, in any form or fashion. Go to any part of Afghanistan. Do not focus on some arbitrary deadline or one single outlet. Kabul is not going to be enough. We are going to have to go other places.

"This Administration has to be willing to go to wherever Americans are, whether it be in the most rural areas or in the most urban areas. Everything is at stake. During a time of crisis is an opportunity for America to come together, not to divide. And now it's a time of crisis. Now we need to save Americans in Afghanistan,” said Gonzales.

Congressman August Pfluger will join us live in the San Angelo LIVE! studios to talk about Afghanistan on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 a.m.

Watch Gonzales deliver his remarks:

Congressman Tony Gonzales

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CGM5, Tue, 08/24/2021 - 18:12

biden is probably the weakest President the US has ever had. He is nothing more than a political hack that can't think past the end of each day. He needs to be impeached.

Remember, Biden was going by trumps plan in Afghanistan, trump even bragged that Biden couldn't stop his plan from happening and took credit for the withdraw. Then of course the republicans erased their praise of his plan, and trump erased it off his website as well. <- Video of trump saying Biden couldn't stop the plan he put in motion and taking credit for the withdraw.

CGM5, Tue, 08/24/2021 - 19:02

me something, anyone who reads your comments knows that you either twist the truth, take statements out of context or out right lie constantly. I guess that is what it takes to defend the one you worship.

President Trump wanted to bring our people home but, there is no way in hell he would have screwed up like biden has. bIDEN WAS NOT FOLLOWING TRUMP'S PLAN SO QUIT LYING ABOUT IT. biden has purposed to reverse everything President Trump accomplished so why do you insist on telling such a stupid lie?

I posted a video of trump saying it himself.

"President Trump wanted to bring our people home but, there is no way in hell he would have screwed up like biden has"

Trump bankrupted a casino. Let's not forget that trump screwed up the pandemic response by disbanding the pandemic response team, and ignored warnings about a pandemic.

Truth is, nobody knows how to "properly" exit a country they lost a war with. It has happened to the US 3 times in the last fifty years and every time it was the same outcome. I guess republicans are latching onto this because they have something other than the border to gripe about Biden for.

Also, I am sure, although I hope not, that Americans are going to be hurt in Afghanistan by the taliban and the republicans will of course just blame Biden. Although they didn't blame trump for the casualties that occurred there under his failed one term presidency.

CGM5, Tue, 08/24/2021 - 19:23

The fact that everyone wants our people out of Afghanistan is not the issue. That is a given. It's how biden has gone about it that is the problem. He did not listen to the advice of his military leaders and has created yet another crisis in his first year. 

CGM5, Tue, 08/24/2021 - 19:42

Here are 5 different sources supporting that which I was able to find in short order. I could probably send enough that we would both be tired of reading them and you will notice none of them are Fox News.

Those are about how the generals advise was to STAY in afghanistan. You implied he ignored their advice on HOW to exit. Of course military men are going to want a military solution/military occupation. Besides the best course of action was to get out, and since trumps plan forced his hand anyway here we are. It's like you people didn't want our troops home. I wanted them home and they are home, who am I to question the manner in which it happened.

Also, your last link and the vox one proves one of my points;

"Another State Department official cast blame on the Trump administration, arguing that the incoming Biden administration had been left a significant backlog of special immigrant visas that could have been processed during the previous administration after former President Donald Trump signed an agreement to withdraw U.S. troops."

"Former President Donald Trump continued that can-kicking until 2020, when he reached a deal with the Taliban to end the war. It then fell on Biden to decide whether to stick with that arrangement."

Your own links say that Biden was just going with trumps plan, like I said. The fact that he went against generals who wanted to STAY in Afghanistan is good thing, or else who knows how long we would still be there.

This is yet again another republican gripe that is inflated (although everyone admits it could be done better, republicans are crying impeachment over it), yet the end goal is something republicans say they wanted. Same exact thing played out with Harris and the border. Republicans cried and cried that she wasn't visiting the border, so she visits the border, and of course republicans just cried even more about her not visiting "the right places". There is simply no pleasing republicans, it isn't even worth trying at this point.

But Biden claimed he “planned for every contingency”…except the shitshow that’s happening now of course!


Typical brainwashed demo lib just blame Trump. Obviously the “plan” all along was to get us out of Afghanistan, the problem is the feckless manner in which the Biden administration chose to do it!

Bottom line Biden is commander-in-chief of our military, so therefore this all on him ;)

Trump made a deal that biden had to decide to abide by and get our troops out or break the deal and keep them there while risking retaliation and lost American soldiers lives. I know he made the right decision with what he was left with and the deal that was set up by Trump. Do you not want the troops out? Sure sounds like republicans wanted more American soldiers to be put in harms way for a country and an army that ultimately didn't even fight for themselves and fell quicker than anybody anticipated.

Biden is a buffoon and a coward no way the Taliban would be doing what they’re doing if Trump was in charge ;)

More American soldiers lives would be lost if Trump had his way. He ignored a pandemic, disbanded the pandemic response team and 600000 Americans lost their lives under Trump because of it. No reason to believe Afghanistan would be any different if he hadn't LOST, and lost badly. Not to mention Trump keeps praising the taliban, like you and other Republicans have also. Trump never even completed a single thing he started under his single term twice impeached failed presidency.

That’s a lie. Trump didn’t “disband the pandemic response team” he reorganized it ;)

He fired the entire team. The pandemic response team as it was set up ceased to exist. You are a complete liar and you know it, that is why you are too scared to post any evidence of anything you say, because you know you will be proven wrong, as I do on a weekly, almost daily, basis with you.

You’re delusional you ALWAYS think you prove others wrong when you don’t lol. And a liar also! Again…Trump DID NOT “disband” anything he reorganized it!


"President Joe Biden announced he will abide by the Taliban's August 31 deadline to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan."

This was the deal that Trump had set up with the taliban, who he has praised, and biden was forced to either abide by or break and risk retaliation. Republicans are the only ones upset that our troops are coming home, seems un-American to me, but they are republicans who already tried to take over the government once in January 6th.



You republicans must really hate our troops to be so angry that they are coming home. But then again we all know how much republicans hate America and the American people, you wont even wear a mask or get a vaccine to potentially help save your fellow countrymen.

Man you’re dumb! As far as I know no one is opposed to us leaving Afghanistan like I said that was the “plan” all along. The problem is the irresponsible MANNER in which Biden chose to do it…something you admitted early on but now defend ad nauseam ;)

I have always said it could have been done better, nobody is saying it couldn't have. There is nobody that could have done better. The US has done this 3 times in 50 years and every time it is the same outcome.

Republicans are just crying because they don't get to take credit for ending something that they started in the first place. 

And even STILL you continually accuse others of “hating our troops” etc. Hey I get it! You’re obviously feeling unhinged because your hero Biden screwed this up BIG TIME and left you brainwashed leftist ideologues STRANDED just like he did those in Afghanistan!

Same thing on our southern border. Create a crisis, then SWOOP in and take credit for solving it…all done with help from a decidedly leftist media and brain dead liberals like you ;)

I wouldn’t be doing a touchdown dance just yet this thing is FAR from over.

“could have been done better”

That’s the understatement of the year! Face it Biden has the reverse Midas touch…everything he touches turns to crap ;)

You thinking of single term twice impeached 600,000 American killing failed president Trump. He didn't accomplish a single thing his entire failed term. Except the tax cuts for the rich if course.

Haha Biden would screw up a wet dream! Assuming any of that works my guess he’s as impotent as the policies he’s putting forth for the democrats’ stated goal to “fundamentally change” America!

Build Back Better what a joke lol

More like build back BITTER. His handlers had to cut his mic yesterday so the American people wouldn’t hear the flippant, snarky remark he made in response to a journalist’s question ;)

A journalist asked Joe what he would do if there are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan after the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline…a very real and very disturbing possibility btw. He responded “You’ll be the first person I call.”

Disgusting! What a sorry excuse for a leader he is…and worst of all, the whole world knows it!



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