COVID-19 Infections Break 1,000 With No Signs of Slowing Down


SAN ANGELO, TX – According to the daily COVID-19 report published by the City of San Angelo's communications department, on Aug. 10, the city's health department reported another 127 new positive infections.

This brings the current active infections to 1,078. Of the 1,078 active cases 70 of the patients are hospitalized because of their symptoms.

This continues the surge of new cases in the county. City officials has confirmed the Delta Variant is in San Angelo. For more click here.

The following is the complete breakdown of cases for Aug 10:

August 10, 2021 COVID-19 report
  • Total positive cases: 18,860
  • Active cases: 1078
  • Currently hospitalized: 70
  • New positives for today: 127
Informe COVID-19 del 10 de agosto de 2021
  • Total de casos positivos: 18860
  • Casos activos: 1078
  • Actualmente hospitalizados: 70
  • Nuevos aspectos positivos para hoy: 127


County of Residence
Type of Test
Female 79 Hispanic Coke PCR
Female 84 White Coke PCR
Female 39 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 50 White TGC PCR
Female 80 White TGC PCR
Female 56 White TGC PCR
Male 64 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 41 White TGC PCR
Male 60 White TGC PCR
Male 93 White TGC PCR
Female 32 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 73 White TGC PCR
Female 68 White TGC PCR
Male 91 Other TGC PCR
Female 21 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 67 White TGC PCR
Female 56 Black TGC PCR
Male 43 Black TGC PCR
Male 24 Other TGC PCR
Male 32 Other TGC PCR
Female 86 Other TGC PCR
Female 9 White TGC Antigen
Female 47 Hispanic Sutton Antigen
Female 30 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 22 White TGC Antigen
Male 18 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 37 White TGC Antigen
Female 72 White Crockett Antigen
Male 19 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 78 White TGC Antigen
Male 33 White TGC Antigen
Female 66 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 42 White TGC Antigen
Male 46 Hispanic Sterling Antigen
Male 45 White TGC Antigen
Female 23 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 21 White TGC Antigen
Female 30 White Runnels Antigen
Female 23 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 32 White TGC Antigen
Male 68 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 38 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 23 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 78 White TGC Antigen
Male 30 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 17 White TGC Antigen
Female 54 White TGC Antigen
Female 46 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 57 Hispanic Sterling Antigen
Male 55 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 58 White TGC Antigen
Female 28 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 1 White TGC Antigen
Male 30 White TGC Antigen
Female 20 Hispanic Sterling Antigen
Male 83 White TGC Antigen
Male 14 White TGC Antigen
Female 62 White TGC Antigen
Female 37 White TGC Antigen
Male 65 Black TGC Antigen
Male 1 White Runnels Antigen
Male 49 White TGC Antigen
Female 12 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 14 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 40 White TGC Antigen
Female 56 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 25 Other TGC Antigen
Male 24 White TGC Antigen
Male 10 White TGC Antigen
Female 46 White TGC Antigen
Male 3 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 70 Hispanic Sutton Antigen
Female 60 White TGC Antigen
Female 62 White TGC Antigen
Male 36 White TGC Antigen
Female 45 White TGC Antigen
Female 7 Hispanic Crockett Antigen
Male 9 Hispanic Crockett Antigen
Male 20 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 65 White Crockett Antigen
Female 20 White TGC Antigen
Female 52 White TGC Antigen
Female 32 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 24 White Coke Antigen
Female 73 White TGC Antigen
Male 27 Other Coke Antigen
Female 57 White TGC Antigen
Female 63 White Sterling Antigen
Female 20 White TGC Antigen
Female 91 White TGC Antigen
Male 36 White TGC Antigen
Female 31 White TGC Antigen
Male 60 White TGC Antigen
Female 68 White TGC Antigen
Female 33 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 11 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 66 White TGC Antigen
Male 19 White Comal Antigen
Male 66 White TGC Antigen
Female 52 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 39 White Schleicher Antigen
Male 38 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 43 White TGC Antigen
Female 19 White TGC Antigen
Female 41 Hispanic Runnels Antigen
Female 16 White TGC Antigen
Male 14 Other TGC Antigen
Female 26 Other TGC Antigen
Male 40 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 8 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 55 Hispanic Sutton Antigen
Male 27 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 18 White TGC Antigen
Male 50 White TGC Antigen
Male 26 Other TGC Antigen
Female 34 Other TGC Antigen
Female 53 Other TGC Antigen
Male 26 Other TGC Antigen
Female 58 Other TGC Antigen
Male 50 Other TGC Antigen
Female 30 Other TGC Antigen
Male 24 Other TGC Antigen
Male 62 White TGC Antigen
Female 33 Other TGC Antigen
Male 36 Other TGC Antigen
Male 16 Other TGC Antigen
Male 32 Other TGC Antigen

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Natural immunity due to actual antibodies. Unlike the claim by the pro-abortion crowd where another human life is involved, TRULY “my body my choice” I choose freedom ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 12:47

Another human life is involved if you give it to someone that is high risk. You had Covid, how many people do you think you gave it to that died or they gave it to someone who died? You are just selfish and hiding behind a cover.

Not sure it was back before the “vaccine” was available ;) What I find interesting is back then the “experts” claimed that “herd immunity” included not only those vaccinated, but also those who possess natural immunity due to the antibodies…because you know the SCIENCE. Not the case now why do you think that is?

And before you scream “delta variant” there’s plenty of research that suggests natural immunity is every bit as effective, possibly even more so, than the vaccine ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 18:20

Post research you are referring to please.

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 19:15

I can't seem to click that link, can you repost? It is the little button above the text box that looks like a chain, click (or tap) that and copy the website into the box and click (or tap) save.

The question you should be asking is why in holy hell are these “mad scientists” manipulating viruses to make them more transmissible to humans in the first place? But that’s obviously not of any concern to brainwashed liberal ideologues like you how come?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 18:21

Any evidence you have that would show that "mad scientists" (hilarious) manipulated COVID I would absolutely love to read.

Not necessary that’s what “gain of function” research is all about! The claim by the “experts” is that gain of function research is necessary because, without it, you can’t create a vaccine for a virus that you yourself created. That’s not just “hilarious” it’s downright stupidity ;)

Even Dr. Fauci admitted that there was a possibility that “a virus” (which we now know was covid) could escape from a lab…but that it was worth the risk because, wait for it, it was for “the greater good of mankind”. Wow you people are so ignorant!

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 19:18

Can you post a link to proof of this also? Although I don't doubt this one, I want to see if you took anything out of context or not.

Can you even THINK for yourself, or do you just believe everything the so-called “experts” tell you to believe?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 18:21

Why do you believe people who are NOT "experts"?

You continue to wrestle in the mud with pigs.  I suggest more meaningful stats from the CDC:

Cases over the last seven days:  55746
Cases over the last seven days per 100k population:  141.1
Total cases per 100k:  10423

Texas (sucks)
Cases over the last seven days:  86338
Cases over the last seven days per 100K population:  297.8
Total cases per 100K:  11131

Florida (REALLY sucks)
Cases over the last seven days:  140410
Cases over the last seven days per 100K population:  653.8
Total cases per 100K:  12953

What “price” has California and other blue states paid due to the shutting down of their economies? This isn’t a zero sum game! I’ve got a great idea move to California where it’s “safer” ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 20:13

So you are openly admitting that money is worth more than people's lives? Yet you call yourself "pro-life", you are more of a hypocrite than I even give you credit for.

Not money people’s livelihoods. It’s ok Uncle Sugar is going to take care of you right?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 20:34

Money is "people's livelihood's", besides, not much of a "livelihood" if you are dead huh?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 20:56

"I choose freedom, the freedom to kill other people because of my poor choices, even though I scream about personal responsibility and claim to be pro-life!"

The two groups of people the most hesitant about taking a vaccine not fully approved by the FDA are in fact blacks and hispanics…not “white supremacist republicans” like Sniffy wants you to believe. Why no mention of them what’s wrong afraid of being called a “racist”?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 21:59

Nope, in fact I may be a part of one of those demographics :D People are people to me, you are the only one talking about skin color right now aren't you?

You’re wrong it’s those of your ilk pushing the “racist” narrative ;)

No proof necessary Biden himself said the greatest threat to the U.S. is not China or Iran, it’s “white supremacists”.

Do you not listen to what your president says? It was the same with Obama all he did was create division straight from the Marxist playbook ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 22:30

Wait, so you are on the "white supremacists" side with this one? You are saying they are good? These are people you support?

I had a picture up but I removed it because It was in bad taste to say the least.

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 23:28

So say here you are against white supremacism then.

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 22:03

ME: "you are the only one talking about skin color right now aren't you?"

You: "You’re wrong it’s those of your ilk pushing the “racist” narrative ;)"

Also you: " blacks and hispanics…"

Again, you are the only one here talking about skin color.

Seriously you demo libs should just move to California. Never mind that it’s a literal shithole and Governor Pretty Boy is facing a recall because of his draconian policies ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 20:39

Nah, we are making an unspoken but conscious collective effort to move to large red states to turn them as much as we can, are you not paying attention? 

Also, isn't it republicans backing the governors recall? He will likely win again anyway with the crowded republican side splitting red votes too much to be any sort of real challenge. But maybe not, Arnold was a good governor and was a republican (the only one I have supported in the last 25+ years besides little Bush), so we shall see how it plays out.

You’re the one claiming republicans are all to blame. Newsflash…the two groups most hesitant about getting the vaccine are NOT republicans they’re for the most part democrats.

I’ll ask you again since you’re apparently a little slow. Why no mention of them?

ME Someone, Wed, 08/11/2021 - 23:59

Okay, but you are the one claiming things that you can't prove.

Like you claiming it’s republicans who are all to blame? Or like Biden claiming the biggest threat we face as a nation is from “white supremacists”…meaning Trump supporters. I’m having a hard time believing you’re as dumb as you’re coming across right now.

By any means look it up yourself you do know how to google right?

I get it you can’t answer it doesn’t fit the narrative. Now run along and get your marching orders for tomorrow it’s getting late ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 08/12/2021 - 00:44

Red states are the highest for new cases:\

Now you

ME Someone, Thu, 08/12/2021 - 00:59

That may be, but at least I attempt to provide evidence for my positions. You can't even provide a shred of anything for your made up right wing propaganda. Also, I am not a self admitted white supremacist like you are.

“white supremacists”…meaning Trump supporters." -BLANC09

Rolling Stone. Vanity Fair. Daily Beast. Great sources not biased at all lol.

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