Illegal Alien Invaders Continue to Pour into Texas


SIERRA BLANCA, TX – Sierra Blanca Border Patrol agents encountered a large human smuggling scheme at the Interstate Highway 10 immigration checkpoint near Sierra Blanca, Texas.

On May 11, 2021, Sierra Blanca agents encountered a vehicle hauling a cargo trailer in the primary inspection lane of the immigration checkpoint located on I-10. During the primary inspection a USBP service K-9 alerted to the vehicle. The vehicle was directed to the secondary inspection area to conduct a further inspection of the vehicle and its contents.

Upon inspection, 20 illegal alien invaders were discovered in both the bed of the truck, covered by a hard plastic cover that was sealed shut, and in the trailer that could only be opened from the outside, with no source of ventilation or space to move freely. Two illegal alien children were also found in the trailer. 

“Sierra Blanca agents rescued multiple individuals from unsafe conditions and quickly enacted any requested medical services for all who were concealed in these dangerous conditions,” said Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin. “Human smuggling is extremely dangerous; luckily our agents and K-9 assets were able to help these individuals.”


All individuals were processed according to Big Bend Sector protocols. The driver will be presented for federal prosecution. 

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CGM5, Sun, 05/16/2021 - 10:45

President biden is responsible for this. I do not blame illegals for trying to come here. I might do the same if I were in their shoes. However, you don't invite homeless people to live in your house or even sleep in your yard and you don't allow millions of illegals to sneak into your country. This brings on many problems our country didn't ask for, such as providing healthcare, education, financial support in various ways and many other things. Many of these people aren't trying to change to fit into the American lifestyle instead, they bring their old ways with them (the same ways of life they are trying to escape by coming here). I was born and raised in Texas. Until I was about mid 30s the only gangs we ever heard of were in NY or California. Now gangs are thick as flies and they aren't here to benefit mankind. Something I see that I don't like is the flying of Mexican flags. Most anyone is proud of their heritage as they should be. Mine is Irish but, I don't have the Irish flag flying in my yard or tied to my truck. I will acknowledge St. Patrick's Day but I am an American. If you are going to live in the United States and reap the benefits of this great country then fly the American flag not some other country's flag.

ME Someone, Mon, 05/17/2021 - 17:47

Post some proof that anything Biden did directly caused them to come over. Truth is they have been coming over in higher and higher numbers for years (highest on record from the last 5 years is in 2019, under trump.) It is higher this year because of covid and the natural disasters that hit central America last year and the poverty and economic situation those caused.

Take a look at the graphs on that last link.

"something I see that I don't like is the flying of Mexican flags"

You must really hate it when people fly confederate flags since they were traitors to the United States and actively fought against (and lost) to destroy America.

I find it interesting how you always use numbers from 2019 instead of from 2020, which show a MASSIVE drop in illegal immigration following the policies Trump put in place to fix the border issue.

Also, the chart you referenced does not include numbers from March and April, which FAR exceeded those from 2019. So your claim about the numbers from 2019 being “the highest on record...not true ;)

ME Someone, Tue, 05/18/2021 - 14:09

I have already explained that, covid. The border was shut down completely except for essential traffic. Which just proves the point that immigrants largely were coming in through authorized border crossings since the numbers went down when they were closed, the point being the wall does nothing to prevent anybody from coming in, and of course trump didn't finish it anyway (just like that healthcare plan he kept promising was two weeks away every two weeks.)

Although some immigrants waited on the other side until covid died down, I have shown evidence for this elsewhere also (I can repost if you would like, just ask.) Them waiting is one of the reasons we are seeing the numbers rise, covid died down so now they are crossing, that and its a trend for them to cross when it starts getting warmer at the beginning of the year (not to mention natural disasters and poverty brought on by covid in their own countries.) It really isn't all that hard to connect the dots, many many scientists and experts (much more knowledgeable than me or you) have come to the same conclusions.

Also, most of trumps border policies (including the wall) were signed in January of 2017, which would have effected 2019 also, but they didn't.

You’re wrong. Border wall signed into law in 2017, but construction didn’t begin until 2019 ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 05/19/2021 - 13:40

"most of trumps border policies (including the wall) were signed in January of 2017"

I didn't say when construction began. His other policies were in place before 2019 is the point. I'd like to also mention the reason it didn't start until 2019 was because of the longest government shutdown in history because of trumps temper tantrum over the wall in the first place.

It's not as if trump built the wall and Biden tore it down, it was never finished in the first place, so the wall is largely irrelevant.

Which, in fact, was a contributing factor for the Trump surge...illegal immigrants coming here before border security measures were fully in place.

Not something you’re going to get from the Tico Times lol.

ME Someone, Wed, 05/19/2021 - 13:43

Yeah that was a bad example (tico times) I gave you a much much better one in the corresponding comment section.

"Which, in fact, was a contributing factor for the Trump surge"

Thank you for FINALLY acknowledging that this started under trump, I knew you would come around.

Yes there was a surge of illegals under Trump. The difference is Trump put common sense policies in place which, according to the data, were very effective! 

The first thing Biden did, of course, was rescind those common sense policies, because you know, Orange Man bad ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 05/20/2021 - 15:15

"Yes there was a surge of illegals under Trump."


Which, in fact, was a contributing factor for the Trump surge...illegal immigrants coming here before border security measures were fully in place.

Not something you’re going to get from the Tico Times lol.

ME Someone, Fri, 05/21/2021 - 00:24

"illegal immigrants coming here before border security measures were fully in place."

Do you have proof of this? I know the wall was paused until January of 2019 because of the trump government shutdown (the longest one in history), but I can't find anything that says any of his other orders from 2017 (Executive Order 13767) were put on hold or took 2 years to put into effect.

"contributing factor for the Trump surge"

Your own words show that you are learning. A month ago you wouldn't even admit that there was a surge under trump, now look, you are writing it out yourself. 

Not true. I just don’t consider it relevant since it’s simply an attempt to deflect from the CURRENT border crisis caused by Biden and his inept administration ;)

ME Someone, Fri, 05/21/2021 - 16:24

Deflect and spin? That's really rich coming from someone who never proves their own position and constantly redirects when asked a question from someone who answered theirs. You also constantly post the same lies that I have disproven over and over again. You are not arguing in good faith, you just hate your fellow Americans (Democrats) and only post in an attempt to "own the libs", which is all your worthless party stands for anymore, Mcconnell said it himself;

The republican party is nothing more than a gang of traitors (january 6th) that exist to do nothing more than enrich themselves, obstruct Democratic legislation to keep fellow Americans down, no matter what, and to "own the libs" in the process. It shows through and it is really pathetic.

Show me where I claimed there wasn’t a surge of illegal immigrants under Trump.

Blah blah blah! The only thing you’ve proven is that you’re a kool-aid drinking purveyor of left wing propaganda. Goebels would be impressed not me ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 05/26/2021 - 15:30

The Nazi's were right-wing fascists, why would Goebbels be impressed with something you say is "left wing propaganda"?

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