WATCH: We The People

SAN ANGELO, TX -- Since the spike of COVID-19 cases in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott ordered the closing of bars across the state. A decision that the majority of business owners and patrons are against. 

Locally, citizens from San Angelo and throughout the Concho Valley gathered on the Tom Green Courthouse lawn on Saturday morning to protest the shutdown of Texas establishments.

Watch as protesters gathered to voice their concerns with local, state, and national government regarding the handling of COVID-19, the wearing of face masks, and the civil unrest in our society. 


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Those righties in that video are real winners, do any of them have all of there teeth? There is a something wrong with conservatives, and this video proves it, they are struggling to even form a coherent sentence, let alone an original thought, one of them can barely even speak at all. There were more people at the BLM protest, but this sham publication pretends that this one matters and the other one doesn't, guess who's side they are on? If you protest wearing masks you are a self centered person who only cares about themselves, guess what your "god" says about that?

" but for those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, there will be wrath and fury."
Romans 2:8

"For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice."
James 3:16

Hope that puts things into perspective for you cultists who believe that sort of thing.


I am still waiting for one of you fanatics to show us the legal citation in the Constitution that says you have the right not to wear a mask. No where at all does it say that not wearing a mask is protected by the Constitution. Y'all are just mean spirited and have no regard for your fellow Americans. We ARE ALL guaranteed LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. None of which I can do if you inconsiderate, selfish morons don't act like real Americans who love one another and care for your neighbor. Nope, I'll be DEAD. And my right to LIFE trump's your claim you don't have to wear a mask.

Wear a mask! And since it's not really in the constitution in the way you claim, maybe you can at least be the Christians you probably all claim to be. Because I promise you, just like God promises "And the King will answer them, 'I tell you the truth, just as you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me."

Read the Constitution, be the Christian you claim to be and wear a mask! God keeps score...


God doesn't give bonus points for those who vote for a party that claims to help people, he does care that you affiliate yourself with those who seek to steal from other people, and that kill lives under the guise of "my body, my choice". That being said, we should all be wearing masks, but I won't stand behind it being mandatory. When the protests were alive and well no one considered the blatant lack of respect for human life concerning virus spread. There was no mandate for them. There was no halting of their operations. There will be no halting of lawful employed citizens operations either. That is all.


I implied no such thing. Perhaps you didn't complete the inference section of your government issued English curriculum. What I did outright say is that there was no cry for public health in the midst of riots. I also stated that because of that ill be damned before I'm told to take responsibility for the actions of others who won't be held to the same standards. Unless you think they're impaired in some way and shouldn't be held to the same standards? They've been doing an excellent job of solidifying this in the hearts and minds of alot of people. Id prefer to think of them as criminally negligent rather than too mentally impaired to function, as former creates equality. Correct? I'm sure all those little news articles (not peer reviewed studies sweetheart)do state that the BLM protests didn't serve to communicate the virus. Why wouldn't they?


Nobody’s rights end where your feelings begin cupcake. Those who choose not to wear a mask are free to do so just as you’re free to choose to wear one. That’s called Liberty.

You’ll note the rights afforded to all Americans that you quoted; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are only separated by a comma and not a semi-colon. Meaning they are equal and not separate. So your life has the same value as someone else’s liberty to wear (or not) a mask.


Did not attend but 100% support their sentiments. Unfortunately for those of us who believe we have lost our freedoms, the executive orders can continue indefinitely. So their concerns are well-grounded.
And the purpose of the Constitution is not to *give* rights but to secure them. Framers understood our rights to be God-given, sometimes referred to as natural rights; for that reason they are inalienable, that is our rights cannot be removed from us. The purpose of the US Constitution is to explain government's role and how the three branches are to function.
Being a Christian does not mean lock step obedience to laws. Sometimes man's laws conflict with God's laws. The apostles were ordered to stop preaching; they didn't. Better to obey God than man was their reason.
Hope detractors understand that ad hominum attacks are just that. They are attacks, not arguments. Do they know the difference?


Hope the San Angelo mayor and city council hears the message. Twelve Texas counties have elected to ignore Gov. Abbot's executive orders. Good for them. Executive orders do not have the force of law. However, they can continue indefinitely. Something to think about, since our rights, once lost, don't necessarily return soon. The order should have been given as a recommendation; instead there's now a $250 fine.

Re: face mask shaming. The negative rants are ad hominum attacks, not arguments. Do they know the difference? Wildly out of context uses of Biblical texts, hardly worth responding to. There is one relevant text, though, in Acts 5. The apostles were ordered by legal authorities to stop preaching; they didn't obey. There is Biblical precedent for civil disobedience when man's laws conflict with God's.
Re: the Constitution. The US Constitution does not *give* our rights; those rights are unalienable, God-given. The Constitution explains the role of the three branches of government and secures our God-given or natural rights. The Constitution constrains government so that it does not abuse its power, which is intentionally limited by the three branch system.
Re: insisting others wear face masks. Do you insist others wear face masks for your protection or just for the sake of conformity? If you honestly believe face masks are saving you from viral infection, why not just wear yours and let others who don't share your belief make their own decisions about their health. Why the insistence that everyone follow? Be content with your decision and leave others alone. Why is that hard to do?


If your God-given right is to be completely ignorant of other people's rights, then I guess it wasn't "God-given" afterall. I wonder what church preaches "screw your fellow man", "ignore their pain", etc. And to compare wearing a mask for the public health to the apostles preaching - what a load of manure. I am sure there is some farm that could use what you are shoveling. YOU are the reason this crap is still going around - YOU and all of the like minded mental midgets who cry about your rights. You are the kind of person who would touch a wet paint sign to check. If there was a outbreak of salmonella, you would cry because you would have to toss your bag of lettuce in the trash. It is too bad you weren't born a hundred years ago and had to suffer through even more deadly public health disasters. I am sure you would have loved to skip those polio vaccines because the hell with being conformist and keeping others healthy. You would have smiled as you passed measles on to your children and watched their suffering from deafness, intellectual disability, or even death because YOU were more important than those shots. Thank you sir for showing your backside and I hope that is your real name so we can know who to avoid in the future. And no, those rights aren't God-given. You are naive to think so. If they had been God-given rights, why were so many left out in the cold until amendments were passed? Wearing a mask is not an abuse of power - it is a public health mandate so the others, who have more common sense and less self entitlement than you, can stay healthy and reduce the public burden.....oh, that is something that could have been reduced already had it not been for the other "Jones"s of this country complaining about discomfort. All of the individuals suffering from this disease, from lost jobs, from lost income, could have been reduced or eliminated if we could get past our own pompous attitudes toward discomfort and our "God-given" rights, but no. Here we are still suffering while you explain how you are above all this. Sit down and pray, don't just pretend to be Christian and ask your God what to do. Maybe you would actually open that bible and find some relevance; Philippians 2:4. Otherwise do us all a favor and wipe what you touch or breathe on since you are too important to care about the rest of us.

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