Glitch Causes Confusion Over Two Valedictorians


PECOS, TX – A graduation ceremony ended in a court battle after two students claimed they both earned the top spot as valedictorian.

According to CBS7, the dispute began when administrators at Pecos High School announced the valedictorian after allegedly telling a different student she had earned the top stop earlier in the month.

According to Blanca Gallego and her family about a month ago they were told Blanca would be #1 in the class and the most recent transcripts showed her in the top spot.

Then earlier this week the school announced Zachariah Hung was valedictorian and Blanca was number two. When the Gallegos inquired about the change, the school told them the change was a result of a glitch, but that officials wouldn’t elaborate.

With graduation days away, the Gallegos filed a restraining order and injunction on naming a valedictorian.

“For me to grow up here and work as hard as I have,” Blanca Gallego said, “And have them do this to me last moment. I can’t even enjoy the fact that I’m graduating.”

In court, the district stated both students would be referred to as the “highest-ranking scholars” during graduation. The announcement satisfied the presiding judge, Mike Swanson and he chose to take no further action. The incident will be further investigated by the district and the TEA.

“From the start, this shouldn’t have happened,” Gallego said. “Everything should have been cleared out, so that’s just problems with school administration. Whoever has the blame, no one knows for sure. But this shouldn’t have been a problem, and it’s sad to see that this is where it’s gotten today.”

The second student is involved in is the son of Reeves County Judge Leo Hung. He declined to comment on the situation, but stated: “it was disappointing that the students would have to share the honor, and that the truth will eventually be revealed.”

Interim Superintendent Earl Jarrett released an apology on Monday regarding the incident but declined to comment on the hearing.

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ME Someone, Sun, 06/14/2020 - 22:23

Sounds like this Blanca Gallego is an entitled and spoiled brat. If she goes through life thinking she can just sue everybody when she doesn't get her way or win then the real world is going to be a real shock. I hope potential colleges and employers are able to take note of this somehow because this sort of attitude won't fly in the professional and academic world. She should have just congratulated the actual winner and moved on, it would have made her a stronger person for it. Now if anyone ever googles her name they will get a couple of news reports about her being a sore looser and a video of her crying saying that she can't enjoy her graduation because she didn't win. Entitled brat.

I wouldn't have suspected any shady business until you left this embittered comment here. "Glitch," huh? Judge's son you say?


She's young; for four years she has had a specific get to college. Her dream of being valedictorian was smashed, so she is having normal emotions for her age about the situation. Someone misled her, and to rake more nails over the chalkboard his daddy the judge says it's too bad they have to share the distinction. Too bad for whom?

Don't be so clueless. Being valedictorian can get a student a free ride for four years of college. She's not being entitled at all. What she IS entitled to is accurate calculations for determining valedictorian.

Being told it's just a "glitch" is a cop-out on the part of the current administration. Earl Jarrett not known as a top-drawer superintendent anyway. It deserves a real investigation by TEA who WILL take this seriously. Jobs have been lost for less.

ME Someone, Tue, 06/16/2020 - 22:19

"Being valedictorian can get a student a free ride for four years of college."

So your telling me that she just wants a free ride and doesn't want to work or pay her fair share? That is even worse!

Do you like looking stupid or do you really just not know better? Let me spell it out for you:


ME Someone, Thu, 06/18/2020 - 17:11

That sounds like that socialism which the republicans hate so much.

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