Tom Green County Jail Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus


SAN ANGELO, TX – On Wednesday, May 27, an employee of the Tom Green County Jail tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus.  

The employee has been placed in quarantine in accordance with the Local Health Authority and the CDC recommendations.  Due to the recent holiday and the specific job duties of the employee, exposure within the Tom Green County Jail and the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office was limited.  

As a result of the positive test result, three inmates at the Tom Green County Jail have been isolated and placed in a quarantined environment.  Dr. Vretis has ordered testing of the potentially exposed inmates to aid in determining an appropriate course of action.  

The Tom Green County Sheriff's Office and the Tom Green County Jail are partnered with Shannon Hospital to maintain a healthy and safe environment.  

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Remember, most people in jail haven't been convicted of a crime. If any inmates become positive, which the jail will try to cover up, then this employee should be charged with the same crime as if anyone tried to infect anybody on purpose, since these people are not free to leave of their own free will. If they do not then that just proves that there are one set of rules for citizens and one set of rules for law enforcement (which any body who is intelligent already knows, i.e. qualified immunity)

Solid reasoning. I'll talk to the county and explain to them that jails are illegal and we'll get this whole unfortunate mess cleared up once and for all.

Most people in jail are there because they were arrested for a crime. Not all are innocent - most are guilty. Just because a virus is transmitted to inmates, doesn’t suddenly give them any different rights. You make it sound like the jailer deliberately passed their virus to prisoners without a lick of proof. Inmates all over the world are sick with all kinds of diseases, because that is life. Too bad, so sad for your warped thinking brain.

"Not all are innocent - most are guilty."

Well according to the foundation of our justice system, they are innocent until proven guilty, which means that most people being held in jails are INNOCENT, because they have not been proven guilty in a court of law. But I believe in our justice system, I guess you are one of those that believes in guilty until proven innocent, like russia or china, but me I believe in America, but not you oh, no, not you.

Hey I'm with ya buddy. Abolish jails! Abolish property! So much in our society is just so unfair. It's the land of the FREE, not the land of the $1.05. By the way do you have a car I can have? I'm sure you won't mind.

Under Communism, Someone, the state has a car, some food, and a place to stay. You get to fill out a form and wait in line for what you had, and might get one of those things provided some bureaucrat didn't "randomly" allocate all of those things to xir buddies.

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