SAPD Update on Walmart Shooting

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by Chelsea Reinhard

Mar 25, 2014

LIVE! Photo/John Basquez
LIVE! Photo/John Basquez
In Brief: 
  • SAPD press release

The San Angelo Police Department is releasing additional details regarding the officer involved shooting incident that occurred yesterday.

• No gunshots occurred inside of the store. Initially, some witnesses reported hearing what sounded like gunshots coming from inside the store. It is believed that the noise was the result of glass breakage when Welborn used an object to smash the store’s gun case.

• The officer discharged his weapon three times. All three shots struck Welborn.

• Welborn remains hospitalized. The extent of his injuries and current medical condition is unknown.

The San Angelo Police Department strives for transparency. With all the rumor, misinformation, and innuendo associated with mass media regarding police incidents, it is important to us that we release as much information as possible without jeopardizing the integrity of ongoing investigations.